The Relationship Between Knowledge & Creativity

January 16th, 2013 | by | creativity


Does gaining more knowledge about the world help your creativity or hurt it?

On the one hand, I feel like creativity is someone fueled by emptiness – its the empty cup philosophy if you will.  By emptying our mind, you can become open to new ideas.

Of course, seeing more sights and wonders that the world has to offer can most definitely make your life richer and give you inspiration you might not get from within.  How many great artists have created masterpieces through inspiration via nature or history?  Imagine the art that will come from man landing on mars,   or the inspiration you could draw while sitting on the edge of a dangerous active volcano.   What do you think was going through the mind of this man when he stood there, just feet away from molten earth?

Perhaps the thirst for knowledge is actually a fuel for creativity, while they’re also two completely unique paths.  I can feel the sensations of a first kiss, imagine the feeling rushing through my body, without actually looking into the research of why do people kiss.  I certainly don’t need to know what came first, chicken or egg, to be able to imagine a vivid tableau of the jurassic era.  Of course, I did need to learn about dinosaurs and read about them to even come up with the idea.

Knowledge and creativity have an incredibly complex relationships with each other.  Trying to separate one from the other is impossible.  Always seek out new knowledge and experiences, but don’t be afraid to let you imagination take flight and fill the gaps…

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