Fitness tips- Getting out this holiday for un-matched fun with the family

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Holidays are fast approaching. It is one of the few times of the year when I get the chance to stay close to my family. It is also the time when I like to experiment new things, just to spice up my life and that of my family.

I am a firm believer that the best times with a family are spent outdoors. Mother Nature has a lot of hidden wonders that we are yet to discover. And we cannot discover them if we insist on staying indoors. Outdoors holds unmatched potential for workouts, exploration and adventure for everybody.

In preparation for holidays, I always ensure to make a complete shopping list for items that we use over the holidays with the kids. Among the list, is attire that one can wear on different occasions.

I have always chosen to go for leggings instead of the usual pants because they are comfortable on my body and can function for a wide range of occasions.

Although some leggings brands get worn out quite easily, there are those that are quite durable. It is easy to get the best leggings by shopping from various online portals. Leggings are fashionable and can be worn by people with different types of bodies.

I have been wearing my leggings during my yoga classes and during workouts to avoid excessive sweating. Most of the leggings are made of high quality fabric that allows the skin the space to breath during extensive workouts.

This holiday season, I am planning to take my yoga exercises outdoors. With a mat, I only need to find a beautiful spot in a park, or on a beach while on our vacation. It is a great way of experiencing new things while enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer.

In order to spice up our holiday, I have listed a number of outdoor activities that we are going to engage in this holiday. They include kayaking, mountaineering and hiking. I had the opportunity of participating in kayaking during a team building session with my colleagues a few months ago and it was quite fun.

It is a fun way of performing workouts. Kayak also doubles up as a vessel for adventure. Kayaking is a great way of touring different sections of a water body such as a river or an ocean with a simple water craft that was invented several decades ago by the Inuit people.

As a mother, I also understand the importance of proper nutrition to my family during the holidays. Holiday season is a time when most people indulge in unhealthy eating habits that may result to weight gain and obesity.

I have lined up a number of activities to engage throughout the entire holiday, especially for the kids. For example, I have learnt of white tea benefits and other types of food products that enhance body metabolism which I will be introducing to my family over the holidays.

It is always good to ensure that the family consumes a balanced diet. It is the role of the parents to advice their kids on the importance of consuming healthy foods and their sources.

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