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Unlike many people, every day I wake up optimistic about the day ahead. It is not because I am living a rock star lifestyle but simply because I work at an awesome place. I am a creative designer and I work for a media and advertising company.

When I think about it, it is not my job per se that makes me look forward to each day. Not that I do not love my job, I do, I really do. I do not know what I would do if it were not for being a creative designer. But this is not what makes me happy about my work since I realize that there are places where I could work as a creative designer and I would be pathetically miserable. A good example is at my former employer.

Immediately after I had graduated from college, I had been fortunate enough to quickly land a working contract with a small firm. I was very enthusiastic being straight from college with all the big dreams and desires for conquering the world. My dreams had however been slowly dimmed and my enthusiasm and ambitions were slowly discouraged by the sluggish and uneventful life I experienced at the firm. I do not blame the company since it was quite new and the managers were not really marketers but bankers who had decided marketing and media was a good venture.

My creative mind could simply not stand being so stagnated by the lack of challenges in my work. Clients were limited and scattered. The few who came to the firm had small jobs that were not challenging for me. To top it all, I was working with two introverts who were more like computer scientist than creative designers. The only time that I found some relief was during the lunch break when I went to a nearby food court and had some excellently cooked rice.

When an opportunity presented itself at my current company, I quickly applied for it and after an interview where I impressed, I was unanimously picked. I quit my former employment without looking back. I have been in this company for seven years and I am not thinking of ever moving away.

The work here is quite challenging and I always have something to provoke my creative mind. I love this. It kind of keeps my mental adrenaline pumping and the hours fly buy when I am working. From the moment I get into the office, I do not walk out until in the evening when I am going home. Not that we are restricted, but I simply don’t want to. My feelings are shared by my workmates.

In our creative department, we are a group of five guys. Due to some magic, we all cope very well together. The office is never boring. There is always friendly talk and we are always making fun as we work.

We do not need to go out for lunch or tea breaks. We have a coffee machine in the office and a small kitchen that is always stocked with snacks and other foods. We even have some blenders to make smoothies and other appliances for making quick meals.

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