Creative DIY Beauty Ideas

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Have you been wanting to achieve a look that is all your own? It can be hard finding the perfect shade of lipstick at the beauty store, or that unique temporary tattoo for that festival.

diy-beautySometimes, you can’t actually find the kind of beauty products that you want in stores, and that’s when you may just have to take matters into your own hands. Here are some creative DIY beauty ideas that will have heads turning in no time.

One of the first things that the average cosmetologist will learn while studying in beauty school is how to create their own lipstick shades. For this, all you need is some chapstick and some blush or eyeshadow that you want to have as your lipstick shade. (Note: You can mix eyeshadows and blushes in order to get that perfect shade.) Take a small slice of chapstick, and crush up the eyeshadow that you want to use as pigmentation. Mix the chapstick and eyeshadow together until the mixture has a nice, even color. You can store this DIY lipstick in a small tub container for future use, too.

Another common beauty school tip that people who aren’t licensed hairstylists often don’t know is that you can mix hair dyes together in order to get a shade that is 100% unique to you! This often works best with alternative color hair dyes, such as the ones that you would find with Manic Panic. This is because the colors that you would find with alternative hair dyes are brighter and more noticeable, and the effect of mixing two or three of these colors tends to be much more extreme. Still, it can be done with almost any hair dye.

Yet another favorite DIY beauty tip that a good stylist will be able to tell you is that you can create your own spa products using common kitchen ingredients. For example, mashing up a kiwi fruit and using it as a facial cleanser is a quick way to exfoliate dry skin. A masque made out of raw honey can help you moisturize dry spots. Even using a paste of nutmeg and honey can improve your skin tone and even fade acne scars. If you keep looking up new ways to get your DIY beauty fix, chances are that you will be able to get a lot of benefit from your cosmetics.

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