Advantages of looking good and bulking up to get that muscular physique

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Most everybody wants to look good. There are many advantages that come along with a fine look. When you look good, people will naturally want to associate with you. People will welcome you more easily. As such good looking people have an easier time in getting approval. Good looking people are subconsciously given priority by other people, good looking people can also be trusted more easily.

There are certain jobs that clearly show that the above statements are true. For example, many sales people or marketers are hired with a clear biasness on attractiveness. This is because an attractive sales lady or salesman will close deals faster and easier. This is because people will unwittingly want to be associated with them and they will trust them easily.

It is obvious that getting a spouse of your choice is also simpler due to the above reasons. Apart from the already stated realities, there is also the fact that people want to be associated with someone who’s attractive. A lady would want to introduce his attractive husband to his friends and family, similarly, a man would want to show off his beautiful wife to his associates.

Looking good gives one a lot of self-confidence. Knowing that your looks are welcomed by other people encourages you in doing some tough tasks such as starting a conversation, requesting for favors, making sales, giving public speeches, leading, or offering help.

Many times we are not quite satisfied with our natural look. Often we feel that we have some shortcomings in our physical appearance. A common scenario is when a person is overweight. An overweight person is usually not regarded as being attractive. A trim figure is commonly regarded as more attractive. As such, overweight people often try all kinds of ways to reduce their weight.

What about the people who feel that they are not big enough? This is a category that is not commonly addressed, however we have quite a few people who are not happy with their small bodies. This is especially the case with men. A muscular man is usually viewed to be more attractive. Masculinity is an attribute of manhood and many may feel inferior if they have scrawny bodies.

Eating more is not always a solution for thin people who want to grow bigger. Many have tried to cook and eat lots of starchy or fatty food in an attempt to grow bigger and they end up with no success. This is because often times the slim guys have a very high metabolism rate that uses up their food just as fast as they eat it up. There is also the danger of getting fat instead of getting muscular. A fat man is not a muscular man and getting fat may make you look even more unattractive.

The secret is to build muscle. This means working out with weights. Weight lifting forces the body to adapt by developing muscles. When body building by lifting weights it is important to take lots of proteins that are essential for the growth of the muscle. Some rich foods in protein are beans, meat, fish, eggs, and milk. To help build muscle faster, one can buy supplements that are rich in whey protein and take them as they continue with their weight lifting exercises.

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